Keep your fleet safe, functioning correctly and earning you money. Our team of trained mechanics will cater for all forklift brands. Basic services and repairs are usually performed on-site, wherever your business may be. If necessary, the forklift truck will be transported to our workshop in Järvenpää. We can also provide all the spare parts needed to perform the maintenance procedures so you can get everything conveniently in one place. We ensure your material handling operations run smoothly and downtime is minimized.

We are also authorized to perform the obligatory inspections for machines used for personnel lifting. Contact us at anytime!

Maintenance: 044 505 5898

Spare parts: 0400 805 077

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Service contract

By signing up for a complete service program, you no longer have to worry about your machinery. When it is time for a service, we'll take care of you. The service program is applicable to all new or used machinery provided by us or it can even be extended to cover your existing fleet.

Service and repairs

You can trust us with all regular maintenance procedures as well as repairs - big or small. We can handle batteries, tires, engines, accessories and hydraulic repairs. Maintenance is performed either on-site or at our workshop in Järvenpää.


Spare parts

As a one stop shop, we can provide you with all the spare parts needed to perform the service or repair. We co-operate with reputable suppliers from Finland and internationally. We can supply new batteries, tires and hydraulic components. We always use the best alternative, either original components or good quality aftermarket items.



The tires you need - installed if you so wish. Pneumatic forklift tires, solid tires, non-marking tires and even studded winter tyres for extreme outdoor work. Whatever you prefer, we will get it for you.


Batteries and chargers

We can provide good quality replacement batteries for forklift trucks, pallet stackers and electric pallet jacks. And the chargers to go along with them. And if you need equipment to keep your battery watered, we have that too.



Make light work of your operations by equipping your forklift with the correct attachments. We supply fork sideshifters, extension forks, lift booms, lift hooks and barrel clamps. Evertyhing you need to perform specialized lift operations.


Engine parts

We will help you navigate through the maze of filters, plugs and such. Just provide us with the serial number of your forklift truck and we will take care of the rest.



The lift mast is one of the most important parts of your truck. We supply all the mast parts you need, such as hydraulic hoses and attachments and lift chains for all makes and models.



We are now able to up your safety game by offering camera safety systems to forklift trucks and telehandlers. Ask us for more details!


Enquire about service or parts

It's our job to get you to the desired result as fast and smooth as possible. So drop us a line and we'll get to it.

To speed up the process, please provide the serial number of your machine when filling the form.

Thank you for contacting us!