Please note that we prefer to receive e-invoices.

Uudenmaan Konepalvelu Oy

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Contact person: Marko Seppänen +358 400 845 745

Inquiries concerning invoicing:

Reception of e-invoices:

E-invoice address: 003722725141

Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy

Operator ID: 003708599126

E-mail invoices:

Note: Please provice e-mail invoices as a single

PDF file attachment.

Via mail:

Uudenmaan Konepalvelu Oy

PL 58875

01051 LASKUT

Note: The postbox is only applicable for receiving invoices.

It cannot be used for marketing mail, shipments etc.

Our accounting partner will assist further if needed.

Tilitoimisto WinWin Oy

Phone: 0104250190


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