There are countless different working environments and all have different requirements for the machines used. Below are some factors to consider when selecting forklifts for your 

specific needs as well as some general information concerning different machines.


Load type. Are you lifting pallets or perhaps some oddly shaped items? Lift height and free space. How high do you require the machine to lift? How much space is there between the top shelf and the ceiling (or beams etc.)? Lift capacity. How heavy are the loads the machine needs to handle? Environment. Is the machine operated indoors, outdoors or both? Is it stored indoors or outside when not in use?

Electric forklift trucks

Modern electric counterweight forklifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor work. They don't emit any exhaust gases thus they don't require any special ventilation arrangements in indoor warehouses nor do they usually have excessive noise levels. In an electric forklift, the batteries function as the counterweight and it's placement allows for a slightly more compact size compared to internal combustion forklifts. Due to the price of the battery system, the acquisition cost for an electric forklift is slightly higher than diesel or LPG versions. But the electric forklift makes up for the cost by providing a better service life. You should however take into account the cost of replacing the battery when calculating the machine's costs. Modern electric forklifts can be equipped to withstand harsh conditions such as working in cold environments.


Initial acquisition costs, running costs, maintenance costs (services, new batteries, tires etc.), indirect costs (downtime for loading the battery, empoyee absencees due to poor ergonomics, damages caused by operator errors) and financing costs. When determining the absolute costs for a machine it is important to weigh whether to buy new or used. Naturally, a preowned machine has a lower initial acquisition cost. However, many modern forklifts offer better fuel (or electric) economy, better ergonomics and can be equipped with many performance and safety enchaning features. They also offer longer service intervals.

Diesel forklift trucks

Diesel-powered counterweight forklift trucks are exceptionally good when working outdoors. But with modern emission control systems they can be operated indoors too. Diesel forklifts are powerful and usually provide better driving and lifting speeds than electric forklifts. Refueling only takes minutes so there is next to no downtime even when operating multiple shifts. Things to consider are the emissions and the noise a combustion engine makes. Diesel forklifts are a little bit cheaper to aqcuire but as with other internal combustion engines, you need to make sure the machine is serviced regularly. The maintenance costs of a modern diesel forklift are reasonable.

Warehouse equipment

Electric warehouse equipment such as reach trucks, pallet trucks and pallet stackers are used indoors for lifting and other material handling purposes. They are agile and nimble machines and as they are electric powered, don't emit any exhaust gases. When selecting an electric warehouse machine you should consider how many shifts does it have to run per day. If your warehouse runs multiple shifts, you should consider investing in an extra battery to minimize downtime while recharging.

LPG forklift trucks

Gas-powered counterweight forklifts have always been popular due to their versatility. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. LPG Forklifts have smaller emission and noise levels than those of diesel forklifts. Replacing the gas tank is a breeze so expect minimal downtime for refueling. LPG forklift trucks provide similar lifting and driving speeds as their diesel-powered counterparts. The life cycle cost of a gas forklift is slightly higher compared to other forklift types, but they are usually durable and long lasting machines. Depending on the environment, the placement of the gas tank can create an obstruction for rear visibility.

Rough terrain

There are forklifts available that are suited for demanding environments. Rough terrain forklifts are mainly powered by diesel engines and they are equipped with large tractor-like tires that can endure sharp rocks and uneven surfaces. Rough terrain forklifts are able to function in all weather conditions. They are most commonly used on construction sites but they are gaining popularity in other uses such as harbours, logging industry and outdoor warehouses.


Kuten maastotrukitkin, kurottajat ovat omimmillaan ulkotöissä ja epätasaisilla

alustoilla. Usean kurottajamallin etuna on teleskooppinen puomi, jolla voidaan

nostaa ja siirtää kuormia paikkoihin, joihin trukki ei ylety. Kurottajiin on saatavana laaja valikoima lisälaitteita eri sovelluksiin, kuten henkilönostoihin.

Forklift assistant

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