During our 10+ years of operation in the industry, forklift rentals have proved more and more popular each year. And why wouldn't it? Owning your fleet does not necessarily create any competitive advantage for your business. After careful calculation and taking into consideration all factors affecting lifetime costs of owning a forklift, renting is a viable solution to cut down on costs. 

Due to higher demand we have further expanded our selection of rental forklifts to cater for almost every imaginable application and fine tuned our Trukkirent concept to make renting even more appealing. Our Trukkirent rental program provides rental services that are adapted to your specific requirements. You can rent a machine for a day or we can hook you up with months of care-free renting. We can even provide a driver with the machine should the need arise.

We take pride in providing the best possible rental solution to each unique application. Our rental fleet covers all types of forklifts from pallet trucks all the way to huge diesel monsters with a 16-ton lift capacity. Each and every rental forklift is inspected and serviced by our team of in-house experts. 

Our Trukkirent rental service caters for the whole of Finland. In the southern region we deliver machines using our own trucks. For clients located a little further, the forklifts are transported on time by our reliable logistics partners. 


5 reasons to rent

Even though we are happy to sell you a forklift truck, it is in our interest to provide the best possible solution for your company. Below are a few factors to consider when weighing the case of buying vs. renting.

  1. Renting helps to free capital that can be put to better use in other business-related investments.

  2. Ease of budgeting. You will know the monthly expenses to the cent.

  3. Forget about maintenance costs and costs induced of normal wear. Leave them to us!

  4. Operate a fleet best suited for the task. Should your needs change, the rental agreement can be altered and the forklift changed to a better suiting model.

  5. As with other vehicles, the value of a forklift decreases over time and there will be a point after which the remaining value of the machine will no longer cover its costs. By renting, you don't have to worry about value depreciation.