Our office, warehouse and workshop is located in Järvenpää, Southern Finland. Our mobile service and repair department will tend to you at your business' location. If you are looking to add to your fleet of machines, we would be more than happy to stop by and scan your business' individual needs.

Uudenmaan Konepalvelu Oy

Levysepänkatu 9, 04440 Järvenpää 

Phone: +358 445 055 898


Please note that we prefer to receive e-invoices.

Uudenmaan Konepalvelu Oy

Business ID: 2272514-1

Contact person: Marko Seppänen +358 400 845 745

Inquiries concerning invoicing:

Reception of e-invoices:

E-invoice address: 003722725141

Operator: Liaison Technologies Oy

Operator ID: 003708599126

E-mail invoices:

Note: Please provice e-mail invoices as a single

PDF file attachment.

Via mail:

Uudenmaan Konepalvelu Oy

PL 58875

01051 LASKUT

Note: The postbox is only applicable for receiving invoices.

It cannot be used for marketing mail, shipments etc.

Our accounting partner will assist further if needed.

Tilitoimisto WinWin Oy

Phone: 0104250190




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